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Brick Cracks

When cracks begin to form on the exterior walls of a home, these can be early warning signs of foundation issues.  While there are always ways to temporarily fix the issues, these concerns will only get worse because of the deeper issue with the soil.

The exterior walls of a home are supported by many things. Concrete blocks and slabs will support the walls and will sit on the soil under the ground. When the soil settles under a home, it can cause the exterior walls to also settle and rotate causing shifts in the entire home.  Additionally, cracks could appear in the brick itself, in the concrete wall or in any of the blocks. These cracks and lines occur because of the rotation of walls and the pressure on other joints in the home. While they may begin small, they will soon grow into larger issues.

Common Causes of Brick Cracks

  • Expansion/Contraction of Soil
  • New Home Settlement
  • Recent Weather Events
  • Temperature Changes
  • Failing House Drainage

Cracks in the brickwork could happen at time.  Homes can settle with the soil underneath at any stage of the house’s life. Factors such as poor drainage, tree roots or floods could cause the foundation soil to settle further even in an older home.

Temporary fixes like crack filler may be used to contain the crack. However, when the issue is fixed for good, the sealer and filler has to be dug out and removed before a permanent repair can occur.  People also try exterior wall rebuilding experts.  However the issue may only return again if there is a concern with the soil underneath.   Repairs to walls and exterior brick work is advised, however only after the base of the home has actually been fixed first.

Fixing the issue below the foundation by hiring a foundation repair specialist who deals with soil and foundation concerns is your best solution. We will give an estimate based on the size of home, exterior factors and the level of concern that sits with the foundation and home.