Interior Wall Cracks


Interior wall cracks usually appear if the foundation of the house starts settling.

There are several reasons, which can create this situation. When the house is constructed, factors such as compression stress, soil shrinkage, slippage, concrete shrinkage are considered. As these changes are minor, the variations are not very obvious. The major changes appear during settling of the house, which results in serious, potentially dangerous cracks.

Common Causes Of Interior Wall Cracks

  • Natural Drywall Shrinkage
  • Poor Foundation Construction
  • Temperature Changes
  • New Home Settlement
  • Expansion/Contraction of Soil

Wall gaps and cracks can be either horizontal or vertical. The horizontal cracks are not as troubling as vertical.  When the building is constructed, during the drying process after plastering, some gaps may appear due to the loss of moisture. As the surface dries, horizontal gaps can result.  The horizontal interior wall cracks, which appear in the plaster, are usually not very dangerous.  They are more of a cosmetic issue than a structural one.

However, if there is any movement in the wall, vertical cracks can appear which can be the early warning signs of something more dangerous and in need immediate attention.  If the timely attention is not given, these holes can become bigger and more dangerous, as they will spread in other areas.

The stabilization of the foundation is very important to ensure that the interior wall cracks are not developed. The repair and the reinforcement of the foundations help to repair the structural flaws and holes.  The problem of gaps can be addressed to some extent, by using water proofing products.  These products can be used both on the external surfaces and the internal surfaces. Patching tape is another way to repair wide gaps, which can be used with the putty, to fill the gaps.  It is also suggested to use foam for filling larger gaps.

But these are all seen as more of a temporary fix to a bigger potential problem.  Fixing the issue below the foundation by hiring a foundation repair company who deals with soil and foundation concerns is your best solution. They will give an estimate based on the size of home, exterior factors and the level of concern that sits with the foundation and home.